Monday, 9 March 2009

About my boyfriend (:

How did it all begin?
- I was in Form 1. He's a very shy person at that moment. Always carrying a napkin to wipe his sweat. HAHA! I love to messing around with him. He said he falls into me right after know my name. Whoa what a sweet! :D

Where did you meet?
- First time? When i was 6 years old at a playground.

When did you meet?
-Official when we were in Form 1.

Was it love at first sight?
-I don't know what is love at first sight. HAHA.

how old were you both?
-Currently right now both, 19 years old.

When did you have your first kiss?
-Can't recall. :D

Where was your first date?
-Times Square.

How long until you met the parents?
-Naah still don't officially meet his parents.

When was it official?
-One day.

The good...

Whats your happiest memory of him?

Whats the sweetest thing he has ever done for you?
-Always been there for me. (=

Does he buy you lots of gifts?
-Nope. And i don't mind.

Whats your favorite thing to do together?
-Talks and meets.

When did you know you were falling in love?
-When he said "Mia, Ameer suka Mia since Form 1 and still!" Wee! *blushing*

Who said I love you first?
-He of course.

How do you know this?
-He said right in front of my face lah.

Whats his worst habit?
-Sleep! Arghhh tidur tak ingat dunia!!

What annoys you about him?
-His habit, totally plus sometimes bila orang serius dia main2. Bengang je.

Has he ever hurt you badly?
-So far so good.

Would he ever cheat?
-Naah. He's bad in cheating. Bagus!

Has he ever cheated?
-Tipu sunat kott.

Do you trust him?

The ugly....

Best facial feature?
-All. Kahkah.

Favorite part of his body?
-Nipple. Macam perempuan dow. Hoho! The most is his lips! Pink.

Hair colour?
-Black. Tapi pudar. Haha pelik lah.

What does he smell of?
-His natural odour. Rawrrr! Sedap.

Whats he wearing when you picture him in your head?
-With his cap for sure. Takkan tanggal. Wajib tu.


How do you feel when he holds you?
-Secure and calm.

How do you feel when you fall asleep and wake up in his arms?

How does it feel when he touches you?
-Teruja! Haha suka suka.

Does his touch give you goose bumps?
-Yup yup.

Does he kiss your neck?
-Nahh geli lah!

Your tummy?
-Eeeww for what?

Your forehead?
-Yup! ;D

Deep and meaningful...

Could you be without him?
-I could not and i wont imagine being without him.

Do you think about him constantly when your apart?
-Definitely! Every day ohh.

How long have you been together?
-Forever. Ehem!

Can you see a future together?
-Yes yes. Selalu dapat mimpi begitu. Oh indahnya dunia! :D Lmao!

Would you like to get married?
-Yup. Sampai jodoh kahwin.

Have children?
-Of course. Don't care how many. Rezeki ! Rezeki !

Where can you see your relationship in 5 years time?
-Engage maybe? Tah2 dah kahwin kott? Fuh awal.

Do you know there is definitely no-one better out there for you?
-I don't know. Depends kepada-Nya. No one perfect and it's Allah wills. Pro and contras.

How do you know this?

Are you scared he might find someone better?
-Sure )=

Is he your best friend as well as your lover?
-Yes totally!

Does he come first over everyone else in your life?
-Nope. Family comes first then friends. Sometimes depends on the issue.

Would you die for him?
-Depends on what perhaps?

Whats the funniest thing you have ever done together?
-Too much. Dia suka sangat buat lawak dengan ayat BM dia lah. Contoh : Sayang, b nak pergi main ball ni. Doakan b jangan sampai kena TABRAK ye? Hahahahahahaha.
Baguslah dia mempraktikkan ayat BM yang cikgu ajar.

Say something that only you two understand.

Do you have nick names for each other?
-Mia and Asyad. Baby and Sayang.

Does he make you laugh?
-All the time.

Do you wrestle?
-Yup! Dia suka masterlock. Bencilah sakit. Lelaki gagah perkasa. Hoho.

Is he ticklish?
-Yup! Gee!

His Favorites...

-Keuw Teow Goreng Basah with telor mata kerbau!

-Cincau. *bangga tahu semua* (ditujukan kepada Ned) HAHA!


Past time?
-Main games especially DOTA and sleep of course.

-Cats. Sibuk nak curi my cats!

-Tukar tukar. =.=''

Clothing style?
-Smart and simple.

-Banyak. Bila best dia layan je!

-Lagu melayu yang jiwang and meleret! Haha boleh pengsan dengar. Tak terdaya noh!

-A lots.

-Action and horror movie!

Place to hang out?
-Mamak stall. Favorite!

Meal to cook together?
-Nasi goreng?


The last time you saw him?
-Yesterday, March 8th, 2009.

Kissed him?
-March 3rd, 2009. On his birthday. (;

Spoke to him?

The last text he sent you?
-March 3rd, 2009 then dia dah tak topup!

When will you...

See him again?
-Depends. Boring nanti tarik lah dia lepaking. Hee!

Speak to him again?
-When i want to call. Malas call awal2 entah2 belum bangun tidur.

Tell him you love him again?
-Everytime hang-out, on phone, texting.

Have you ever...

Spent the night together?

Celebrated a holiday together?
-Not yet ); Kalau tak dia ikut family vacation dulu tapi dia ada hal.

Met his parents?
-One day.

Had naughty time?
-Sometimes! HAHA.

Made him cry?
-Yup. Few times kott.

Done anything spontaneous together?
-Yup yup. Once we talked something about future and everything then suddenly he kissed me!
I loike! :D

Is this love?
-Oh yeah babeh!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Precious Stuff.

(Got from Asyad)



MR. WIGLER. (Walls)

TUMBLER. (Starbucks, Cousin gave this)

SHADES. (Bro's bought it from London)

HANDBAG. (From Ned)

LAPPY. (Daddy)


This is just only some of my precious stuff!
Ada banyak lagi.
I will put it over next time ok?
I really appreciates all those stuff.
Terharu sangat bila ada yang belanja plus for birthday present and etc. ('=
This all pictures is not according to mana yang paling precious or less ok?
Semua sama sayang and take a good care of all em equally.


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Meet My Babies!

Hi guys!
I want to introduce to you, meet my precious little babies.
I love all 3 of them mucho much!
Semua nakal dow.
Nak geget je!
Mereka ni hari2 kena cium dengan i!

Buffy The Pacifier Slayer!

Elvis The Telbees!

Daisy The Lady G!


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